Roberto Borerro – International Indian Treaty Council

Jonathan Zimmerman – Author, Whose America?: Culture Wars in the Public Schools

James Loewen – Author, Lies My Teacher Told Me

Theresa Sheldon – Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians

Mark Hirsch – Smithsonian Institute

John Viola – National Italian American Foundation

Kirkpatrick Sale – Author, Christopher Columbus and the Conquest of Paradise

Bill Bigelow – Zinn Education Project

Florida Olguin – Native Americans at Brown

Angelo Vivolo – Columbus Citizens Foundation

Eric Loúers Phillips – Public Schools Administrator

Matt Remle – Author, Seattle’s Indigenous Peoples’ Day Resolution

Bonnie Juneau – Tulip Tribes

Nick Estes – The Red Nation

Phoebe Young – Native Americans at Brown

Emily Johns-O’Leary – Fifth Grade Teacher

Alejandro Cañeque – Institute for Advanced Study

Jennifer Marley – UNM KIVA Club and The Red Nation

Duane “Chili” Yazzie – Navajo Nation Shiprock Charter

Hope Alvarado – UNM KIVA Club and The Red Nation

Edward Wemytewa – Idiwanan Aw Chawe

Sierra Edd – Native Americans at Brown

Kara Roanhorse – Native Americans at Brown

Beverly Lovato – Participant in Albuquerque’s Indigenous Peoples’ Day


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Director of Photography – Gucci Baldini

Original Music – Lou Burr

Animation and Character Design – Lauren Puglisi and Emily Hawkins